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Hi! I'm Zoe, creator of Living With A Sleeve.

If you are thinking about having a sleeve gastrectomy or are already living with a sleeve but want a bit more support, this page is for you.

I believe the key to being successful with a gastric sleeve is simplicity and support. I want LWAS to be your go-to place for quality, practical advice and a connected community to help with the physical, habitual and mental changes needed after sleeve gastrectomy. All this so you can live a happier, healthier and more comfortable life.

Have a look below to see what I recommend starting with depending what stage you're at in your sleeve journey.

I’m thinking about surgery…

There are lots of things to consider. Obviously it’s important to make sure you understand what life will be like, and how a sleeve will impact you. You also need to make sure you’re comfortable with your surgeon and their team and understand all the risks and benefits – it’s a big surgery! These are a few of the articles I suggest you read before you make a decision with your team.

I’ve had surgery….

Yahoo! I hope it’s been a rewarding journey for you so far. It can take months to get the hang of life with a sleeve, with new eating habits, food choices, exercise and even wardrobe choices to be made! Hopefully with some of the following resources I can help to make that transition easier for you.


I’m about to have surgery….

Congratulations! You’re taking a big step. Be as prepared as possible, by reading these posts.

I have so many questions!

Of course you do! It doesn’t matter what stage you’re in there is so much to ask! That’s why I’ve started an FAQ page – use it! Feel free to ask me anything and I’ll give you an honest and evidence based answer.



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